Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, Holland


Yup... and another brilliant concert passed by. The supportband, Seahorses started round 8pm. They played for about 45mins.They were alright, almost as good as the verve i fink, Oasis came on stage at exactly 9pm. Noel gave premission to "Kink FM" to broadcast the show live on the Radio. The sound was quite good,  just like the place where the gig took place. They had the same system as at earls court; 2 standin area's + some seated places at the back. The only difference was that this venue was a bit smaller (14.000 tickets on sale, the concert did'nt sell out) and the stage was smaller as well. This way you  had a better view of the whole band. (If you were standing at the front that is;)  Liam and noel were quite talkactive this evening they had a free night the day before and they've spent some time in Amsterdam, or at least Liam was seen there. Liam stopped singing during Some might say, Noel took over. After Magic Pie and Don't look back in anger, Noel appologised for the sound of his voice... this did'nt sound brilliant. But i was'nt *that*  bad at all :)  And, ofcourse some typical Noel-jokes. After the band left the stage, noel came back to thank the ppl n that was it. *Please do not used those pix cuz das copy write :P Thanks for yer time, and have fun at every gig you're going to :) cheers. This way for some more photo's...

01. Be Here Now
02. Stay Young
03. Stand By Me
04. Supersonic
05. Some Might Say
06. Roll With It
07. Do You Know What I Mean?
08. Magic Pie
09. Don't Look Back In Anger
10. Wonderwall
11. Live Forever
12. It's Getting Better (man)
13. All Around The World
14. Fade In/Out
15. Champagne Supernova
16. Acquiesce